Mr. Stump: Radio Show Transcripts

Mr. Stump was a radio program that aired once a month for almost two years. The setting was generally a public school class room with a very firm evolutionist for the teacher. The shows generally had Mr. Stump trying to brainwash the students with evolution, but the students normally were able to bring up the creation counter arguments. Sometimes, however, Mr. Stump gets the upper hand for a little while, in such a scenario someone would always come along and help the students understand things a little better. The scripts are here for your enjoyment. Mr Stump

The Tale of Two Myths

This article we will discuss a subject near and dear to every mother:   math, statistics, and numbers. This is your favorite subject, right? To start, I have a few questions for you.

  • What is the average gestational period for a new born baby?     40 weeks
  • What is the average weight of a new born baby?     7.7 pounds
  • What is the average labor for a first time delivery?     13.5 hours

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Dating Methods

The topic for this article, “Dating Methods,” ties in closely with the article on the “Age of the Earth.” Due to space limitations, that article was shortened in a couple of places creating a little ambiguity.  My point was that you can categorize dating methods into two classes:

  1. There were nine methods with entirely different unrelated mechanisms that indicate a young earth.
  2. There are a few “radiometric” methods (that all work on the same principle) that indicate an old earth.

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