I guess it’s time to write about the one subject that is so grotesque I tend to avoid it, but so important that everyone needs to be aware of it. The science is so bad and the repercussion even worse – it cannot be overlooked!

It’s called, “ontogeny recapitulates phylogeny” or “recapitulation” for short. You know what that means. I’ve explained it before. It’s a great big term that modern scientists use to say, “shut up and listen because I know something you don’t know.” Then watch out, because a serious dose of deception is about to be shoveled out! Continue reading Recapitu-What?

“Intelligent Design” in the News Today

Let’s start with a short true-or-false quiz.

  1. The recent court case in Pennsylvania shot down the Dover School Board’s attempt to teach the concept of “Intelligent Design” in their district.
  2. “Intelligent Design” is a theory that certain aspects of science are “too complex to form naturally.”
  3. “Intelligent Design” is a religiously based theory.
  4. To defy modern evolutionary science is to defy great modern scientists like Albert Einstein.
  5. The theory of evolution is based on science and the theory of creation is based on religion.

If you answered “True” to any of the five statements above, you have been listening to the public media too much. All five statements above are “False.”

  1. The case pertained to censorship, not the teaching of ID. The Dover School Board was merely attempting to inform the students with a statement that other theories exist; specifically, “Intelligent design is an explanation of the origin of life that differs from Darwin’s views. The school leaves the discussion of the origins of life to individual students and their families.”
  2. ID is not about complexity. The formation of hurricanes is extremely complex beyond our imagination, yet they do occur naturally. The theory of ID (in simple terms) illustrates that certain aspects of science could not have possibly formed naturally without defying existing natural laws. Consequently, they must have been directed by an intelligent being.
  3. The modern ID movement was started by evolutionists that recognized the fallacies of the theory. As Christians, we know Who that Designer is, and should embrace ID guardedly. ID is an evolutionary attempt to scientifically address existing pitfalls of evolution.
  4. Many great scientists were Christians. Although Albert Einstein did not profess to be a Christian, he was a proponent of ID long before the movement became popular!
  5. For a hundred years, the word “science” was defined by a concept called “the scientific method” which is unfortunately too lengthy to address in this short monograph. Today, the word “science” is often used to support personal views without any recognition of the scientific method at all. The “scientific method” is seldom taught any more because “evolutionary science” clearly does not fit. However, regardless of one’s definition of the word “science,” evolutionists claim that creation science is not science because it cannot be observed or openly tested in a laboratory and defies existing scientific laws. This is not natural and is therefore deemed “supernatural” (outside the realm of science). YET, neither the evolutionary “Big Bang” NOR evolutionary “origin of life” can be observed or tested in a laboratory and both defy natural laws! Furthermore, creation science goes way beyond the study of origins. Contrary to what you would hear in the news, creation scientists, a) conduct and analyze controlled tests, b) use nationally recognized independent laboratories, and c) publish peer reviewed results of those tests.


True Science, and God’s True Word must agree.

Otherwise, by definition, one of the two must be false.

Jay Auxt