When Your Faith Is Shaken

Are we tired of stories yet? Or should we get back to science? In this article, we will do both. We will have a story, a science discussion related to the story, and then another related story. Since we have had one story from the north, and one from the south, it’s time to tell one from the east, or west. In this case it makes no difference which direction. Both stories take place half way around the world in Asia. Continue reading When Your Faith Is Shaken

The Genesis Flood

Introduction:   The events of Hurricane Katrina remind me of a story that I must share with you.  Not only “could it” happen in St Louis; but few people are aware that it “almost did” happen in 1993.  The following story is true.  BUT, as you will see at the end of this story, our God is much bigger than St Louis, New Orleans, or our entire world!

image001God’s Covenant:  Have you ever seen it rain so hard that you thought you were about to personally experience the Genesis Flood all over again?   Fortunately, God made a covenant with us: Continue reading The Genesis Flood

Arctic Adventure

Do you like to tell or hear good stories? I do; especially if there is a spiritual lesson to be learned. Perhaps you can enjoy this one.

Twenty years ago, my employer had a bad habit of selling equipment into some of the strangest areas of the world. Year after year we would sell equipment headed for the Arctic in the dead of winter. That’s not so bad, except guess who got to train the operators how to use this equipment? You guessed it! Year after year I found myself training two shifts, 12 hours each. (I think it was about my third trip when I finally figured out that the two 12 hour shift scenario presented a problem.) Continue reading Arctic Adventure

The Tower of Babel

Since we are in the “story telling” mode, I thought I’d tell you another application related story. Since the previous story took place in the arctic, this one will take place in the tropics, specifically, Venezuela. Venezuela is a desert in the west and a tropical rain forest in the east. The tallest water fall in the world, Angel Falls, is in the Venezuelan province of Guyana. With a 3000′ vertical drop, it is one of the most magnificent sites in the world! PRAISE GOD!!! Venezuela is also one of the largest oil producing countries in the world. The oil comes from Lagunias, a desert town near Lake Maracaibo (which is actually a Carribean bay, not a lake.) They have pumped so much oil out of the ground that the earth has actually subsided over 30 feet. This wouldn’t ordinarily be a problem except this region was originally only about 20 feet above sea level. Now the ground level is 10 feet below sea level! Thus, the region is very similar to Holland with all it’s dikes, ditches, and pumps to keep the area dry. (Sorry, no classic Dutch windmills.) The temperatures were typically 100ºF! The humidity was just as high, and there were no shade trees! Continue reading The Tower of Babel

The Bantam Weight Championship

Years ago, I was sitting in my office in a very old dilapidated building when I noticed a yellow-jacket had flown into a spider’s web. I decided to watch the coming events expecting to see a good fight. What I witnessed was much more enlightening than just a good fight! But, before I tell you what I witnessed, let me get my story finished. Continue reading The Bantam Weight Championship

HEADLINE: Evidence of Noah’s Flood “Surfaces” in Woodsboro, MD

Don’t you love it when BIG Creation News breaks right in your own neighborhood?!? A few years ago, our school group scheduled a picnic for Oct 19 in Woodsboro, MD. It was suddenly canceled on Oct 17. (Actually the “day” wasn’t canceled. Only the event.) It turns out that a “sinkhole” opened up right in the park. Continue reading HEADLINE: Evidence of Noah’s Flood “Surfaces” in Woodsboro, MD

Sidling Hill: Maryland’s Monument to Noah’s Flood

Evidence for “Noah’s Flood” is worldwide. But – then – we would expect no less, would we?

image002We are very fortunate to have, right here in the State of Maryland, a spectacular monument to Noah’s Flood. If you have ever driven on Route 68 just West of Hancock, you have driven right through this monument. Continue reading Sidling Hill: Maryland’s Monument to Noah’s Flood