What Difference Does it Make?

Last month’s article was the last in a series of creation-science issues. It opened with the statement, “The next two issues will deal with the most fundamental spiritual results of this deception {evolution}.” As you have probably noticed, creation-science is a fascinating subject for me; probably significantly more fascinating for me than for most of you. However, I must point out, that regardless of my fascination for the subject, the understanding of the science alone is totally meaningless. I suppose that most of you have some subject that fascinates you. I hope so. But, I hope you also truly understand that regardless of how fascinating the subject is, no matter how important you think that subject is, “Vanity of vanities, saith the Preacher, vanity of vanities; all is vanity.” Eccl 1:2       UNLESS; it affects your walk with Christ! Continue reading What Difference Does it Make?

True Science must be consistent with God’s True Word! Otherwise, by definition, one of the two is false!

Subtitle:  Why I am excited about Creation Science!

The Title: This is just plain Boolean logic. If science and God’s Word contradict each other, then, at least one has to be false. Insisting that two opposing views can both be true is, of course, irrational.

The Subtitle: The good news is; true science and God’s Word actually agree!

Spiritual consequences:   People have written whole books on the consequences of false science; evolution. I would like to briefly mention only two. Continue reading True Science must be consistent with God’s True Word! Otherwise, by definition, one of the two is false!

The Tower of Babel

Since we are in the “story telling” mode, I thought I’d tell you another application related story. Since the previous story took place in the arctic, this one will take place in the tropics, specifically, Venezuela. Venezuela is a desert in the west and a tropical rain forest in the east. The tallest water fall in the world, Angel Falls, is in the Venezuelan province of Guyana. With a 3000′ vertical drop, it is one of the most magnificent sites in the world! PRAISE GOD!!! Venezuela is also one of the largest oil producing countries in the world. The oil comes from Lagunias, a desert town near Lake Maracaibo (which is actually a Carribean bay, not a lake.) They have pumped so much oil out of the ground that the earth has actually subsided over 30 feet. This wouldn’t ordinarily be a problem except this region was originally only about 20 feet above sea level. Now the ground level is 10 feet below sea level! Thus, the region is very similar to Holland with all it’s dikes, ditches, and pumps to keep the area dry. (Sorry, no classic Dutch windmills.) The temperatures were typically 100ºF! The humidity was just as high, and there were no shade trees! Continue reading The Tower of Babel