Thousands Or Billions

Questions pertaining to the “age” of the universe are (by far) the most common questions I receive.   For example, in a recent 10 week creation seminar, the students selected the topics they desired to cover.  Seven out of twenty topics were directly related to the age of the earth!  This paper is not intended to address all of these topics, but it is intended to cover the basics of the most common scriptural and scientific questions on this subject.

  Thousands or Billions 


It is easy to estimate the age of the earth based genealogies. This file follows the age of the earth from Adam to Egypt and includes scripture references for each event. You can supply a date for the Egyptian empire. It was thousands of years ago, certainly not millions. A spreadsheet is also available if you would like to further examine the math. Genealogy

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The Tale of Two Statistics

We recently talked about “The Tale of Two Myths.” In this article, I would like to continue down a similar trend.

Evolutionary indoctrination is all around us now. We just can’t get away from it. That’s why I keep insisting, “If you don’t teach your children creation science, the world will teach them evolutionary fables.” For example: My children pick up a “kid’s meal” with the following time periods printed on the bag: Continue reading The Tale of Two Statistics

The Tale of Two Myths

This article we will discuss a subject near and dear to every mother:   math, statistics, and numbers. This is your favorite subject, right? To start, I have a few questions for you.

  • What is the average gestational period for a new born baby?     40 weeks
  • What is the average weight of a new born baby?     7.7 pounds
  • What is the average labor for a first time delivery?     13.5 hours

You knew the answer to all of these math questions. Right? See – math IS your favorite subject. Continue reading The Tale of Two Myths

HEADLINE: Evidence of Noah’s Flood “Surfaces” in Woodsboro, MD

Don’t you love it when BIG Creation News breaks right in your own neighborhood?!? A few years ago, our school group scheduled a picnic for Oct 19 in Woodsboro, MD. It was suddenly canceled on Oct 17. (Actually the “day” wasn’t canceled. Only the event.) It turns out that a “sinkhole” opened up right in the park. Continue reading HEADLINE: Evidence of Noah’s Flood “Surfaces” in Woodsboro, MD

Sidling Hill: Maryland’s Monument to Noah’s Flood

Evidence for “Noah’s Flood” is worldwide. But – then – we would expect no less, would we?

image002We are very fortunate to have, right here in the State of Maryland, a spectacular monument to Noah’s Flood. If you have ever driven on Route 68 just West of Hancock, you have driven right through this monument. Continue reading Sidling Hill: Maryland’s Monument to Noah’s Flood


The subject of “fossils” is larger than the largest dinosaur fossils ever found. (This makes it a great science study – hint, hint.)

The fossil record has been such an overwhelmingly dismal failure for the theory of evolution that it hardly deserves the time it takes to write this brief article. I would like to make four simple points very clear, though. Continue reading Fossils