The Miracle of Flight

And I said, Oh that I had wings like a dove! for then would I fly away, and be at rest.   Psalm 55:6

As David, the Psalmist, clearly depicts, man has been awe inspired by flight since the very dawn of time.

Birds are extremely unique and have been specially designed for flight. Their bones are hollow for lighter weight. Their skeleton and muscles are designed for spectacular strength in the wings. The tail has been specially designed for flight control. The feathers are designed for spectacular strength from minimal weight and to be tightly closed during the power stroke (downward) and open for the return stroke (upward). The center of gravity has been strategically located for flight. The body has air sacs used to reduce weight and control body temperature. What a marvelous design!

Flying insects are also uniquely designed for flight, but entirely different from birds. The wings are totally different. Insect wings have no muscles and, therefore, require significantly less oxygen. Insect wing and body proportions are so disproportionate that it makes us wonder how they fly at all. It is only because the wings move at hundreds of strokes per second in a figure eight motion that keeps them aloft. Their flight principles more resemble our helicopters than airplanes. Lastly, their exoskeleton actually acts as somewhat of a spring that helps to power their wings.

Bats are also unique and totally different from birds and insects. They have no wings at all, only flaps of skin attached to their “arms” and body. Yet, they actually fly!

Yes, birds, insects, and bats have been uniquely created by God! Flight requires such incredible sophistication it is difficult to imagine evolution accommodating one “design” for flight; never mind three different designs (and all its variations between species!) It is unreasonable to assume that all these features suddenly appeared simultaneously via “natural selection” providing instant flight. The features would have evolved sequentially, yet, many of these features would actually be significantly detrimental to the “natural selection” process. Supposedly Archeopteryx is our evolutionary example of a bird evolving from a lizard. But after a thorough evolutionary discussion of its features, the Scientific American concludes, “The direct descent of such specialized forms from Archeopteryx scarcely seems possible. Consequently, Archeopteryx has often been regarded as an evolutionary dead end.” Yes, birds, insects, and bats have been uniquely created by God!


Wings are more useful than just flight. What do Psalms 17:8, 36:7, 57:1, 61:4, 63:7, and 91:4 all have in common?

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Jay A Auxt