Joshua 10:12-14

“The sun and the moon stood still?” Come on, Pastor Wally. Are you sure? Yes, absolutely, and it is also absolutely relative to each and every one of us today!

Let’s first look at the possible scientific explanations for this event. Did the sun “actually” stand still? Well, if it actually stopped its rotational orbit within the Milky Way, the earth would have been thrown out of the sun’s orbit so that couldn’t be an explanation. However, as Pastor Wally mentioned, this is written from earth’s perspective; not from the sun’s. That means the earth’s rotation must have stopped. But that’s not possible. The rotational surface speed of the earth is over 1000 miles per hour. Yes, people standing on the earth are actually moving at over 1000 miles per hour!! We don’t feel it because the air is moving with us. But imagine what would happen if someone slammed on the brakes at that speed!!

Well, forget the sun for a moment. Maybe stopping the moon will be easier to explain scientifically. For it to appear “stopped” it would have to actually revolve around the earth exactly once per day. Wow! That’s quite a change! It currently takes over 27 days to circle the earth. If the moon sped up to that speed, it would certainly sling out of orbit and off into space!

Hhmmm….   Ah! “Something” in space caused “time” itself to change. That’s why people lived to be hundreds of years old at one time! Maybe we can think of that “something.” Oh – That won’t work. There’s a thousand years between Joshua and Noah. I’m not coming up with any explanation. Are you?

I know. Maybe Joshua just made it all up. Well – that doesn’t work either. This event is documented in Greece, Egypt, and even the western hemisphere (except the stories in the western hemisphere claim that a “night” lasted a whole day.) Oh yeah, if it is daytime in the eastern hemisphere, it would be “night” in the western hemisphere, wouldn’t it?

Wow – With all our knowledge about the solar system, no such scientific explanation even comes close to explaining it. Zero, zippo, nada, zilch. Now that’s quite a miracle isn’t it?!?     In a word, YES!

Just like you! Do you realize, with all our knowledge, we have no idea how you were formed either? Sure we can watch all the different stages of development in the mother’s womb. But how do they do that?!? Furthermore, we have no idea what keeps you “alive.” Oh we know a lot about nutrition, many of the chemical reactions in our bodies, etc. but “chemically” speaking, we can’t even “define” life.

Yes, every moment of your life is a miracle of no less significance than the sun and the moon standing still! Yes, God still performs miracles just as great as the one described in Joshua 10 every single second of every single day. To reiterate Pastor Wally’s last point this morning, shouldn’t our prayer life be commensurate with the omnipotence of our Creator God that not only created each and every one of us, but sustains us throughout each and every day?

“But as for me, my prayer is to You, O LORD, at an acceptable time; O God, in the greatness of Your loving kindness, answer me with Your saving truth.” Psalm 69:13 NASB