HoneybeeGod’s design of the honeybee is a spectacular example of creation!  The honeybee is an unlikely candidate for evolution.

  • Its defense – the stinger.  Yet the bee dies soon after using it.
  • Reproduction – typical bisexual mating.  Yet the drone (the male bee) dies seconds after mating and the worker (the female bee) is sterile.
  • Flight – fairly typical insect wings.  Yet the honeybee, unlike birds and bats, has two pairs of wings.  Both are required for the bees’ successful flight.

No, the honeybee is clearly a unique example of spectacular design.  It is well equipped for its intended purpose.

  • It carries pollen in special “pollen baskets” in the legs.
  • It carries nectar in a special stomach designed for mixing with enzymes, regurgitation, and producing honey.
  • It carries “royal jelly,” food for the queen and youngsters, in special glands on its head.
  • It does not mix nectar of different flowers together.
  • It keeps the nest at the constant 93° F temperature required for incubating the eggs.  They do this by adding body heat by staying near the nest, or by flapping their wings to cool it.
  • They actually communicate with the other bees to tell them where to find sweet nectar.  They do this by a “dance” that tells the other bees how sweet, how far away, and in which direction, relative to the sun, can this nectar be found!  This requires a special God given ability.  This language is not taught.  The bees have been specially designed with:
    • The ability to evaluate the message intended to be sent.
    • The means (language) to communicate it,
    • The ability to “listen” to the message,
    • The ability to understand and interpret the message,
    • And, the ability to act appropriately based on the information received.
  • They have special eyes to determine the position of the sun (required for navigation) even if completely hidden by clouds.

Besides their gift of honey to mankind, the honeybee is the most effective means of pollination.  Since the honeybee will not mix nectar of different types, it flies from flower to flower of the same variety in an act of constant effective pollination!


  1. What do Samson, Jonathon, David, Jeroboam, Solomon, and John the Baptist have in common?
  2. Birds and insects have wings of entirely different designs.  Can you find this discussion of wing design in the museum?

Jay Auxt

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