DNA in the News!

Have you ever seen the orange and yellow contraptions that lift workers up into the air? You will see them on construction sites, shopping malls, airports, etc. As an engineer, my job is to assist in the design of the hydraulic systems that make these machines work. The hydraulic systems include the pumps and motors that make the machine self propel, the valves to give the wheels a “limited slip” action for better traction, the valves to lift the people up into the air and position them in the right location to do their intended work, and, perhaps most importantly, the valves that make sure they stay in that position and don’t drop someone 150′ to the ground! The designs are extremely detailed, as you can imagine, and include the many other parts like hoses, fitting sizes, electrical wiring, etc. By any definition of the process, the design is “complete.” Or is it???

For years, many years, you have been hearing that the DNA code includes “complete” instructions to build the human body. AND, for years, I have been saying, “That’s nonsense!” The micro-biologists have been boasting, “The DNA code is miles long and contains an enormous amount of data!” BUT, the human nervous system is also miles long, and has an enormous number of nerve endings! (Never mind all the other types of cells.) AND, it won’t do any good to have perfectly good retina cells in your toenails! When a micro-biologist would be questioned about this claim, the response would be, “Oh, the information is all there. This is the only place this information can be.”   This response has always been the categorical response, without question! (Scientists do acknowledge other code in the body, such as when to turn a gene on and off, but no other code to define the cell.)

Well – my hydraulic designs are far from complete, too! No where in my design do I tell the fabricator, what size wrench to use, where the wrench is located, which way to turn it, what size he will need, etc. etc. etc. In fact, when you truly evaluate the entire process, you would find that it takes a pretty sharp fabricator to assemble this machine. In fact, if you look deeper into the fabrication process, what kind of rubber is used in the hoses? What alloy of metals are used in the pumps, motors, and valves? This is all information that their respective manufacturers must possess. These are purchased parts. My design doesn’t include any of that information!

Such is the case with the DNA molecule. Undoubtedly, you have been hearing about this DNA “mapping process” that has been occurring recently. This process is practically complete, and guess what? The DNA code has now been down-graded from a complete instruction book to a “complete parts list, at best”!!!   There are only about 30,000 genes in the DNA. That’s roughly equivalent to the number of parts we have. “Complete” instructions require information to get these parts in the correct locations and get them integrated into the rest of the system! Simply put, “It’s going to take a pretty sharp fabricator to use this limited parts list!”

I have two points to make:

  1. Insisting that a theory is fact, doesn’t make it such! And,
  2. Rest assured! God didn’t just make Adam and Eve! He made you, too! And, He keeps your body ticking each and every second of the day!

Thine eyes did see my substance, yet being unperfect; and in thy book all my members were written, which in continuance were fashioned, when as yet there was none of them. Ps 139:16

Jay A Auxt